Tiang Pancang Beton Bulat ( Spun Piles)

Tiang Pancang Beton Bulat ( Spun Piles)

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Detail Tiang Pancang Beton Bulat ( Spun Piles)

1. Large Bearing Capacity
Due to the Centrifucal Force generated by Spining the pile mould, the concrete is compacted into very dense state leaving hollow core inside of the pile.
This method result in Large Bearing Capacity per same given sectional area and in other words TEKCON Spun Piles Weight is only 60% of conventional solid concrete piles for same loading capacity.
2. Large Bending Moment Capacity
The TEKCON Spun Piles are manufactured with the reinforcement of high tensile steel bars tensioned precisely and effectively before spinning procedure.
This prestressing effect together with high concrete strength contributes to the large flexurel strength for Bending Moment capacity of the piles.
3. Easy Handling and Driving
Circular shape of the piles helps unloading by using ropes and man power only.
High flexural strength will prevent cracks during handling.
Low unit weight per given capacity enhances the driving efficiency.
4. Quick Delivery
Concrete strength of more than 60 N/ mm2 can be obtained easily after steam curing, which shortens the time of delivery after the receipt of order.
5. High Resistance Against Shock
By the uniform induction of the prestress to the piles, TEKCON Spun Piles compensate tensile stress caused by catoptrics waves generated by driving which usually caused piles to cracks.
Driving shock resistance and load resistance of TEKCON Spun Piles are extremely high, so these piles are most appropriate for a construction requiring the penetration into intermediate layers with considerable high N-values.
6. Strong Joint And Easy to Extend of The Pile Length
On completion of welding work, the welded joint become instantaneously as strong as the pile body
7. High Reliability And Economy
TEKCON Spun Piles are manufactured in integrated production line facilities, so that the piles are uniform in Quality and steady in Quality.
It can minimize any change of hair cracks during handling the piles, also have high resistance to corrosion of prestressing bar, and the high concrete density will provide high resistance to Sulphate attack in Marine structures.
Therefore, TEKCON Spun Piles are more economical than any other type of foundation, with the afore mentioned merits taken into account.

Product: Weight/ m
-Diameter 300mm 118kg/ m
-Diameter 350mm 161kg/ m
-Diameter 400mm 200kg/ m
-Diameter 450mm 242kg/ m
-Diameter 500mm 302kg/ m
-Diameter 600mm 409kg/ m
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